Government information and links – COVID19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on our lives and the economy, the Canadian government has created a plan to help individuals and businesses get through the economic repercussions. There are a number of changes to existing programs and some new programs coming into effect. These include support for individuals and families such as increased Canada Child Benefit, extra time to complete taxes and waived EI waiting period among others. There is also specific support for businesses to help them avoid layoffs and to help subsidize wages.
This is a tough time for many people and the government has made steps to try and support people financially. Some of these programs still need to be approved by the Senate and finish the process to become law so we have included the official government of Canada website below. Their website will continue to be updated as programs come into effect and details are determined.

As well we remind you to be vigilant when receiving phone calls, emails or text messages from people who claim to be calling from the government. Unfortunately, at a time like this there are people who see an opportunity to take advantage of the confusion of others. Here is a link from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) outlining how they contact individuals and the questions they would ask. It also outlines questions you will not hear the CRA ask. Please be careful releasing personal information when someone calls. If unsure just hang up, look up the correct number of the CRA and call in yourself.