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What does your financial future look like?

Financial planning is not as simple as buying a product. It’s about seeing the big picture. It’s about making smarter financial decisions to accomplish short and long-term goals. It’s about peace of mind for the future. The professionals at Oak Tree get to know your unique situation and design a sensible financial plan. They provide straightforward advice based on rigorous professional standards. At Oak Tree Financial, we treat you the way we’d want to be treated.


We believe that maintaining an independent perspective is necessary to offering the best advice. We are not directly affiliated with those who sell financial products. We do our research to determine the best investment vehicle for your specific situation. 


Major life events, like prolonged disability or the death of a primary wage earner, can have a significant bearing on your finances.  Insurance provides financial peace of mind for the things that cannot be planned.

Tax Preparation

Tax planning and financial planning are closely linked. Taxes are a major expense, affected by the financial decisions we make. We work to ensure your financial plan is as efficient as possible from a tax perspective.